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کاتالوگ ساندویچ پانل

کاتالوگ به همراه مشخصات فنی انواع ساندویچ پانل ها

کاتالوگ و مشخصات فنی ساندویچ پانل ها به شرح  زیر می باشد که ضخامت ، ورق مورد استفاده ساندویچ پانل ها نوع فوم ساندویچ پانل ، ابعاد و طرح های آن مشخص شده است :

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Kind and thickness of sheet

: 0.5 mm preprinted Aluzinc sheet in various colors from  super polyester oven paint . outside 25 microns and inside face at 7 microns in connection area with foam.

Coverage of sandwich panel

Two sides sheet, one side sheet and other side foil , one side sheet and other side nilon , two sides paper , two sides foil .


Hard polyurethane with 40+-2kgs per m3 density.

Wall sandwich panel models

Smooth NDN , RPO inside fastening bolt without groove RP1 microwave inside fastening bolt, thinly groove RP2 inside fastening bolt. Large groove RP3 inside fastening bolt.

Widths : fixed width 1.15m (2 cm clapper and chock) useful width 1.13 m

Thicknesses : 4,5,6,8, for walls and  10,12.5,15,18,20 cm for cold stores

Length : 2-12 meters (as per customer request)

Roof sandwichpanel 

Widths : fixed width 1.08m (7 cm clapper and chock) useful width 1.01 m

length : 2-12 m (as per request)

Thicknesses : 4,5,6,8,10 cms

Surface of the coverage sheet : trapezoid and clay design Shadoline   

Trapezoid design dimensions

: fixed width 1.08m (overlap 7 cms) useful width 1.01 m, length 1-12 m (As per request)

Clay design dimensions : fixed width 1.09m (overlap 14 cms) useful width 0.95m length 1.22 – 7.015 m (multiple of 30.5 cms)